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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Ever since I have had this blog, there hasn't really been anything about the person behind it all. Yeah, you may have me on Twitter or Instagram but even that doesn't tell you much. After reading some of the girl's posts on GRLPOWR, I thought 'Hey, why don't I do that?'. That way, you guys can know a little more about me and hopefully, answered any questions you might have had. So, here goes!

Here is a recent photo of me :)

What’s your middle name?
My middle name is Rachael (yes, with the A). I'm really not sure if this was derived from anyone specific (like people in family) but I don't recall any close relatives being called Rachael, so I guess it was a case of my parents liking the name.

What was your favourite subject at school?
I know it's not a 'core' subject because I pretty much hated them all, I quite enjoyed Media Studies. It was the fact that I was able to just create stuff how I wanted to, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much (even though I got a D in my exams haha).

What is your favourite drink?
Now, it all depends if it's alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Lets give you answers to both. For non-alcoholic, it has to be tea. I absolutely love tea, but you gotta have a few cheeky biscuits to dunk too. On the other end of the spectrum and we're talking alcoholic, I really enjoy Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime cider. Or, Disaronno and coke. Love them both.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Ooh, favourite song? I quite enjoy a variety of music but the one that I've been enjoying the most recently is 'Is This Love' by Bob Marley feat. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier (it's a remix).

What’s your favourite food?
Now, this is where I could probably answer for England, because I love food. But if I really had to narrow it down, it'll be Chicken Fajitas. Or Pasta. I know that's two but I could seriously give you more :)

What’s the last thing you bought?
Haha, I double checked my online banking and it was for Deliveroo, for a Burger King :'D

Favourite book of all time?
Honestly, I'm not much of a book person but the only book (well, series) I ever read was the Harry Potter books. Especially as each film came out, I enjoyed going back over the books to see how they differed.

Favourite colour?
I don't really have a favourite colour at the moment. I can give you a colour that I was obsessed with at one point. It was burgundy. I swear, I bought so many clothes, accessories in that colour, you have no idea.

Do you have any pets?
I do! :D I currently have 4 cats, who I love to bits. One is called G (we had her brother who we named T, so they were called G&T, as in Gin and Tonic. Don't ask), another is called Lily and then we have a brother & sister called Milo and Luna. My family and I are cat people so we've had atleast one cat since I was about 6.

Favourite Perfume?
I loooove Chloé Eau de Parfum. I love that smell so much.

Favourite Holiday Destination?
I really enjoy going to Cornwall. It's the only real place I've gone on holiday to (as I've only been out the UK once to Ireland) and I just love the sites & the beaches. Plus I have some family down there.

Are you married?
I'm not married, although I am happily in a relationship with my boyfriend, who I've been with for nearly 7 years.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?
Once, to Ireland (I know I just said it up there). I went with my friends who I've known since school so I'm glad my first trip out of the UK was with them.

Do you speak any other languages?
Unfortunately no. I did do French in secondary school but that didn't go far.

How many siblings do you have?
Just the one younger sister, who is like my best friend. We can do such stupid stuff and we just laugh, even though it makes no sense to anyone else.

What’s your favourite shop?
I love Topshop and I know this isn't a shop, but ASOS too. Can't miss out on Primark though for some bargains.

Favourite Restaurant?
YO! Sushi. I love their katsu curry and chicken gyozas. Love, love love.

When was the last time you cried?
On Thursday, I think. I was just trying to eat my dinner and I just got really sad. My boyfriend was there to comfort me though.

Favourite Blog?
There are so many to choose from. I've seen so many lovely blogs lately that I honestly can't pick one.

Favourite Film?
Harry Potter all the way. It's weird to think I was only 9 when the first film came out! So long ago but it was just magical all the way to the end.

Favourite TV Shows?
It's not on TV but OITNB. So, so good. I also find RuPaul's Drag Race such a laugh.

PC or Mac?
I've been a PC user for so long but I got a Mac for my birthday. I was speechless. I absolutely love mine.

What phone do you have?
iPhone 6 in grey, although I kinda want to get the 6S Rose Gold. The plus is way to big for my hands. Personally, I don't like the SE.

How tall are you?
About 5ft 5in. It's kinda nice because when I cuddle my boyfriend, I can fit just under his chin.

Can you cook?
I'd like to say that I can. I cooked a katsu curry for the first a few months ago and it actually came out alright. I've been really trying to cook new things recently because I'm getting bored of eating the same things.

And there we go! Now you know a little bit more about me. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Is there anything that we share in common?

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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