My Trip To Sketch

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I recently went to Sketch in London for afternoon tea for a friends birthday and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

Located on Conduit Street, a side road off Regent Street, Sketch is close to the popular Oxford Circus tube station. From looking at the outside of the building, you wouldn't even imagine what it holds on the inside. We were greeted by the front door and were taken to The Gallery, where we would be situated for our afternoon tea. As soon as you walk through the archway, you just see a room full of pink seats, pink walls, gold detailing and lots of pictures. The room itself was so breathtaking, it reminded me of the Titanic where they had the domes in the ceiling. I just couldn't stop staring.

We arrived at our table, was helped into my seat and settled down, nice and comfortably. We were looked after by this nice waitress, who took our order of tea (I went with Vanilla tea) and asked if we had any questions or wanted anything. We asked if we could get some water for the table.

As it was a special occasion, we opted for the champagne afternoon tea. So we had tea being filled into our cups and champagne being poured into our glasses. So much going on already. After being there for about 15-20 minutes (which goes by so quickly because you are literally so mesmerised by everything), our food arrived. It was presented so exquisitely to the point I didn't even want to touch it. But hey, I was there to eat and enjoy myself so I started to delve into the sandwiches.  The waitress said that we could ask for more sandwiches if we wanted to, which we ended up doing, just the ones we enjoyed the most.

About half an hour later, where we only really finished the sandwiches (included the extra ordered ones), the waitress came round and said that there is still plenty more to get through. We still had our scones and slice of battenburg cake to go! I decided to have a plain scone and it seemed like within a blink of an eye, there they were in all their glory. The jam was so smooth and the cream was delicious. It was a dream. We decided to get more, even though we still had our selection of mini cakes and tarts.

More scones came round, the waitress got us more tea and this is the point where I was getting really quite full. This is the point where I realised we probably didn't need to order more sandwiches or scones but I proceeded to carry on.

Slowly but surely, I made my way through the cakes and tarts and it was becoming a struggle. I know I didn't have to eat it, but I didn't want it to go to waste. I wanted to finish everything that was given to me. It took me a while but I did it, I finished it.

We were given the bill and I wasn't surprised by how much it cost for four of us, but I think it's great that you can ask for more sandwiches, cakes etc for nothing. Don't get me wrong, it is pricey but it's so worth the experience. I've never said thank you so many times in quick succession in my life. Everyone was so lovely and took good care of us, making sure our glasses of water and mugs of tea were still full.

After we paid, we couldn't just go without seeing the bathrooms. Seeing the egg shaped toilets finished the day off perfectly. Of course my friends and I had to take some mirror pictures.

I will definitely remember this day for many years to come and would love to go back another point in time. I would for sure recommend you go if you get the chance. It's so worth it and so amazing.

Have you been to Sketch? How was your experience?

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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  1. Oh this looks absolutely gorgeous! Very jealous!

    1. It was so amazing! Such a good experience :)
      Belle xo