My Trip to Brighton

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

I went to Brighton about 2 weeks ago for a weekend with my boyfriend, something that we don't really do often. I've not been to Brighton for the longest time. I was probably a kid and went there for a day out with my parents to the beach, so I've never really seen much of it, so I was pretty excited to see somewhere new.

We arrived in Brighton and stayed in the Jury's Inn Brighton Waterfront hotel. It had a great interior but the best, was our room. We had a sea view room, so we were able to see both piers and plenty of sea. We ventured out on a little walk before getting any food, all the way to the colourful beach huts and back. It actually started raining just as we were getting back and we decided to have room service because we not long got there and thought it would be good to chill. Unfortunately, when our room service arrived, we got one wrong meal. We waited about half hour for what we wanted which meant the other meal was going cold, which was a bit of a shame.

The next morning, we woke up so early (like 6am!) so we got up, got ready and decided to go for a little walk before breakfast. Once 8am came round, we paid a visit to The Breakfast Club. I had heard it was pretty good so thought it would be a good opportunity to see what it was like. We both ordered a full monty (without the black pudding) and chose to have scrambled eggs. We waited a little while but we chatted, admired the interior and sipped tea out of smiley mugs. When it arrived, it just all looked so yummy, and couldn't wait to tuck in. The potatoes though! They were so delish but I couldn't quite finish it all, but felt so satisfied with what I got.

We then decided to go to the pier and both got wristbands to go on the rides. It cost £20 and you could go on anything as many times as you wanted. It didn't take long for us to cover the £20 so anything we did additionally was extra, so was worth the money. We took some time out to go get some ice cream from Boho Gelato. Let me say one thing. A-MAZ-ING. I went for three scoops in a cone; sea salt caramel, birthday cake and nutellesque. All of it was so good. I'd definitely recommend it if you go to Brighton. We then went to check out Dum Dum Donuts, as I had heard they sold cronuts, something I wanted to try. I got one called The Zebra, which was layered and had chocolate buttercream in the middle. It was so divine, but had to eat it in two servings because it was quite sickly.

We wanted to go on the British Airways i360 at some point in the day, but we thought we get our tickets in advance, so we didn't have to queue later on. So we went for another walk, as it was nice and sunny out and then headed back to the pier again. We managed to get a few more rides in, and I decided to go on The Booster (which spins and turns you upside down 130ft in the air) on my own because my boyfriend wasn't fond on that. 8pm came round and it was time to head to the i360, as we wanted to get the last ride of the day, because the view with the sunset would look so beautiful. It started to get a bit chilly whilst we waited but it was so worth it, because the views were incredible, seeing so much of Brighton, the pier all lit up and a gorgeous pink hued sky.

We headed back to our hotel and decided to go on Deliveroo and get ourselves a Pizzaface and a waffle from Creams. I chose a veggie pizza because you can't go wrong with peppers and lots of cheese. The delivery guy was a bit unwilling and didn't want to bring it up to our room (normally they do it according to the lady at reception). Just as we were finishing up pizzas, our waffles arrived and the guy, kindly, came up to our room. The pizza was filling enough and only had about half of my waffle and I was full to the brim. Reflecting on the day, it was one of the best and it felt like we managed to do so much with the time we had.

The next morning, we decided we were going to have the breakfast at the hotel. It cost £10 and it's a buffet style. Not going to lie, we were a bit disappointed. The scrambled egg didn't taste too nice, the sausages seemed a bit soft and their berry smoothie was way too sour (just a personal opinion). But we then did another walk around the Pavilion Gardens, chilled in our room for the last 2 hours we had and checked out. We then just went to the shopping centre down the road, had a little look around there but didn't stick around for long and we then drove on home.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself in Brighton and would love to be able to do it all again. Although the food was a bit of a let down, the view we had from our hotel room and the location made up for it. Everything we did and places we ate were so good, would definitely recommend all of it!

Have you been to Brighton? Are there places you'd recommend?

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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  1. I want to visit Brighton. It looks like such a lovely place

  2. Loved this! I want to visit Brighton one day, hopefully soon! x