November 2017 Favourites

Thursday, 30 November 2017

I know that I only did a favourites post back in August but I've been enjoying new, things since then which I feel is worth mentioning in a post, even though it is only a very small amount. Some of these things definitely have come from getting into the Autumn/Winter season and others I've just really enjoyed using. So, let me get straight into it.

First things first. Something that instantly came to mind was the Herbal Essences Strawberry & Sweet Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, which is part of their bio:renew range. Let me just say that this smells incredible! Such a powerful, gorgeous fruity scent. What I like is that the shampoo is clear and really don't feel like I need much for it to get all into my hair. Although my hair is short, it's quite thick so I would usually need a good handful of shampoo but with this, I notice that I don't need as much. With the conditioner, it's pretty standard but again, it's got that powerful scent and don't need much of it to get around to cleaning all of my hair. Once my hair is all dried, it feels so soft, smooth and it doesn't seem to tangle as much, which I'm all for. I can definitely see myself using this over and over again for some time. Will be re-purchasing for sure.

Next in my favourites is this Boots Tee Tree & Witch Hazel, with active Charcoal Facial Scrub. My skin has been a teeny bit of a problem recently (don't know to put it down to hormones or the amount of rubbish I've been eating, likely to be the latter) and so I wanted to find something that was hopefully going to treat it well. I love the smell of tea tree and I've used masks/scrubs that contained Charcoal so thought maybe the two together would do my skin some good. It's a simple case of applying a small amount to a wet face and rub gently, then rinse well. I instantly feel my skin feeling smooth as the scrub has worked it's way into my pores and remove all the nasty, dead skin. It doesn't say how often you should use this but I've done it atleast twice a week and it's been helping. I've just got to keep it up. I love this scrub and likely that I would buy it again.

The last thing that I've been enjoying is the Zoella Beauty Bake My Day mini body mist. I've recently started using my Hungry Hands hand cream again and it suddenly made me want the body mist. It then dawned on me that I should have bought it last year because it won't be out this year. However, when I saw that she had released a set of mini mists which contained Bake My Day, I really wanted to get it. Although it means that it contains three others, I would have only tried one (Gelat'eau) so it means that I had a good opportunity to try the others. I really wished I had bought the bigger one last year but the mini one is ideal if you want to put it in a small bag for a night out or even in your general handbag. That aside, I really love the scent, definitely the scent for this Christmas season.

So, although small, these are my favourites of November. Is there anything that you've tried before or would want to try?

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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