January Review

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Wow, January has ended already? Can't believe that we've got through one month of the year. But the thing January has been, is exciting and busy! So, what have I been up to?

As you would have probably seen in my previous post, I mentioned that I was starting a new job at the beginning of January. I've been loving getting back into the swing of things, having a routine and making a bunch of new friends. I've felt so welcomed there and I've already been on a night out and done karaoke with a few of them! Being out of work for a whole year, although I needed it, it started to make me feel a bit lonely and feeling down that I wasn't really doing anything with my day. So I was so happy to be walking through a new set of doors and learning. Oh and a finally a payday! :)

Obviously, what it has meant that I've been very quiet on the blogging front. I've not posted a single post, hardly been on Twitter and just not really had any ideas of what I could even put out there. But that's likely to be just down to being busy at work and just wanting to chill in the evenings. There are people out there who have a full time job and still can do blogging on the side, so there isn't any excuse as to why I can't do it so in February, I'd quite like to give it a go. I *might* have bought myself a few things so I could do a haul/first impressions/review post on that but would quite like to do a monthly review post for each month, just documenting what I've been getting up to and maybe what I'd like to try and focus on next month. Let's just see how long it lasts and it might even change as the months go by.

Something that I've enjoyed doing this month was doing things with my boyf. As we're both now working full time, we don't see each other in the week anymore and so we try to see each other during the weekends as much as we can, unless other plans come up. We decided to go to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman and I didn't mind the film. I hadn't even see a trailer for it so I was really unsure what to expect. It contained a lot of music but I didn't actually mind it so much. It was a nice spontaneous visit as we rarely go to the cinema together. Something else we've done is go out for dinner but we wanted to visit a restaurant we've not been to before. So we went to CAU. We went on a Sunday, where they do Sunday roast, and OMG, it was incredible. I went for the beef roast, as it was a steak restaurant but it was pink in the middle. I wouldn't really go for that but it was actually not that bad. Really rather enjoyed it. We want to try and make our weekends fun and enjoyable but we don't mind having a cosy one in and get a takeaway and just watch Netflix.

- Coffee
- Having a clear out
- The End of the F***ing World on Netflix
- Playing Prosecco Pong with friends

To be honest, that's it. It really hasn't been much, I've just simply been trying to get into the swing of things and start 2018 off right. I do want to try and get some more content posted in February and I've got a few ideas written down so hopefully it won't be quiet all month then it's suddenly a review post at the end.

Hope you've enjoyed this little update and let's see what I have to say about February.

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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