Review: The Body Shop | Spa of the World Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Body Shop have been creating such gems recently that it encouraged me go in there more than ever. Looking at the minimalistic display, that was the Spa of the World range, the small brown bag caught my eye (and my purse) and this latest purchase is just another item to my ever-growing bath & beauty collection.

So this is the Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath from their Spa of the World range and being a fan of baths, I wanted to try this out, as I want to start varying the products that I use, just to mix it up a bit. When I first picked it up, it reminded me of a little bag of gold coins. I wanted to smell it, just to see if it would be the same as I imagined and I instantly fell in love.

As the bath was running, there I was trying to open it, untangling it and snipping open a corner, enough to fit the scoop in. It said to use five scoops but the assistant in the shop recommended that I use two instead, so I took her advise and scooped up two lots of the milk and honey powder, even though it smelt more like milk with a sweet scent.

After thoroughly enjoying my bath, my skin did feel smooth. I felt quite relaxed but I think the next time I have a bath, I would probably put more of the product in just because I felt that I could have got a lot more out of using this the first time.  At £14, it seems a lot for what it is but it's the cheapest in the range, with the creams and scrubs being over £20, so I kind of feel that I want try and make it last as long as possible. I will just add an additional scoop next time and see if that makes any difference. If I could, I would probably easily use it all in one go, but that would mean £14 goes down the drain (literally) on the first and last use.

I would buy this again and would recommend it to my fellow friends/bath-lovers. Have you tried it? What did you think?

Look after yourself,

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