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Saturday, 28 January 2017

(L-R: Brave, Mehr, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, Hot Gossip, D for Danger, Dark Side)

I have previously posted about owning my first MAC products and since then, my collection has grown a little, only in lipsticks. I've not really been much of a lipstick wearer, but I think my original MAC purchases have given me a bit of a lipstick bug and I've bought more overtime (mainly from MAC and ColourPop). I have relatively small lips so that was a reason why I never invested money into lipsticks but I think it helps on the colours that you buy and with my current collection, I think I can pull them off.

So in my original post, I bought myself Hot Gossip (top) and Speed Dial (bottom). Hot Gossip has had a bit more usage than Speed Dial but they are both lovely colours. Over the course of 1 and a half years, I have added 5 more.

One that I purchased quite early on is Brave. It's a really nice pinky, beige/nude colour, in a satin finish. It's a great subtle shade so that if you want to have a bit a nude/natural look, this is a good pick.

Going quite daring, I got myself Dark Side. When I switched this in the store, I really liked the colour, despite it being a dark shade. It comes out lighter than how it actually looks but it's a lovely burgundy/berry toned, amplified creme finish lipstick. Definitely one for the Autumn time.

This became a very quick favourite of mine and as you can see, it's the most used. This one is Mehr. In a matte finish, this is another pinky/nude shade which I really like. Again, nice and subtle and can be used for many looks. I love the feel of matte lipsticks, so it's probably a big reason why I liked this one the most.

One that was added most recently to my collection is D for Danger, one that I was gifted for Christmas. Similar to Dark Side, it's a berry/brick red toned lipstick, in a matte finish. This was one that I've seen and really liked but didn't buy it for myself but I was lucky and very kindly given it. It's one that I look forward to using a bit more in the months to come.

Another that I got for Christmas is Chatterbox. It's super similar to Speed Dial, being a bright pink lipstick but this is an amplified creme finish, rather than cremesheen, so it has a bit more colour, rather than looking glossy. Again, I'm very grateful that I was gifted this lipstick.

(L-R: Brave, Mehr, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, Hot Gossip, D for Danger, Dark Side)

When you see from the swatches, I seem to have a bit of a preference in shades, as they are all quite similar but I'm quite keen to expand my collection, maybe get some different shades in there but who knows. MAC can be seen as being pricey but I personally really like the brand. They have such a range of lipstick colours and products, so it can suit quite a lot of people.

Do you own any of these lipsticks? What do you think of them?

Look after yourself,

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love the look of D is for Danger, but they're all super pretty shades xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. D for Danger looks like exactly the shade of red I need! Must invest in some more MAC lipsticks! x

  3. Hot Gossip looks like perfect for me! Wow, you've got a lovely collection of these haha :-)

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi