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Monday, 31 July 2017

This post has been long overdue as I got these products a good two months ago now and I've been really wanting to use them, but had to wait until I got round to taking the photos. Finally, I got my butt into gear and got the photos done, which means I can finally do this post (and to start seeing what these products are like).

Oh K! is a Korean brand which sells skincare, beauty essentials and stationery. I've heard about this brand a few times on websites and magazines and I've even seen them in the shops. I was instantly drawn because of the cute packaging (duh) and saw that they are quite an innovative brand, making products that are quite unique, which, I'm guessing they hope will pull people in. They certainly got that from me. There wasn't many products in the shops so I had a look online to see if there was somewhere where I could get a few more things so I managed to find 5 of their products on ASOS but I know that you can buy these from Beauty Bay also. So, let's see what I got.

First up, this is the Glowing Skin Gold Dust Hyrdogel Mask. I got this because this mentioned gold, so I was thinking it might contain gold dust/specs in the mask. Looking up online, it mentions that it does contain gold dust elements which helps rejuvenate the skin and leaves you with a fab glow. It combats the dullness and soothes the skin, leaving your complexion radiant, dewy and beautiful. I imagine this is going to be quite a moist mask so I'm hoping this is going to really moisturise my face.

Next, Avocado Sheet Mask. Normally, I'd eat avocado, not really put it on my face but don't worry, it's not going to be mashed up avocado. I imagine it's going to have some sort of avocado extract, so it's going to atleast smell like it. This mask is designed to be super nourishing on the skin, which will leave it feeling soft and hydrated. So again, it's going to help with moisturising my skin, but it's main purpose is to soften your complexion.

Third, is the 3 Step Blackhead Clearing Nose Pore Strips. I've used pore strips before so I got these to see how well this will do but there is a little process. First of all, you have a little cleansing mask, which softens dead skin, step 2 is the blackhead removing strip, quite self explanatory and finally, step 3 is the tightening treatment, to help tighten up your pores. So this is a little different as I've only used a pore strip to remove the blackheads and that's been it whereas, there is a little bit of prep and aftercare that comes with it. I do suffer with blackheads on my nose so I'm hoping these are going to work well.

The one which sounds cool is the Bubble Sheet Mask. When I looked it up online, it actually foams up when it gets in contact with the skin, which sounds so cool. This mask will exfoliate any dead skin cells, which will leave your skin fresh and bright. This one I'm looking forward to the most I think, mainly because of what it's going to do once it's on my face.

Last but not least, it's the Egg White Sheet Mask. This one, I could imagine a few people turning their noses up at it based on what's its called but I don't think it actually contains egg white, so you're all good. With this mask, it's egg white formula gives your skin a protein boost, which creates a glowing, silky complexion.

All of these face masks sound pretty cool to test out. I'm planning on trying all of these and posting up a review on each one, see which one I like best. There are a few more Oh K! products that I'd like to try so maybe once I've done all of these, I will try the others but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Have you used any of these masks before? Are there any that I've not picked that you love?

Look after yourself,

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