New Years Resolutions | 6 Months On

Monday, 3 July 2017

So back in January, I wrote a post about my New Years Resolutions, something that I don't usually set but was determined to actually make some changes in my life as the previous year was a bit shitty. We've now finished June so we're now over half way to the end of 2017 already! That's come round so quickly but I thought it would be good for me to do an update on my New Years Resolutions and see where I'm at with each one.

This was a big one for me. Back in January, I hadn't started my lessons yet but was so eager to get driving done, because I was 24 and still relying on public transport, walking and getting lifts to get to places and it's not something that I wanted to keep doing. So in February, I started my lessons again, having 1 a week, an hour at a time. Then after my birthday back in March, I decided that I was going to start doing 2 hours, because that was going to allow me to do more driving and go further than my town. I've been having those since, passed my theory early May and now, my test is booked for July! So, I am thinking that I'm going to accomplish this resolution, even if I fail first time, as will have a few months left. I'm really proud of myself for getting this far, as I was so worried and had it set in my head that I was only going to have a small handful of lessons and still not be confident enough to do it. Go me!

This one has definitely taken a slight back burner. Since January, I've put on a few pounds, which isn't what I want but I'm hoping that if I do pass my test and get myself a car, I can go to the gym more often as I'll be able to get there (as the nearest one is about a 30 minute walk). I have been introducing eating healthier things and trying to go for more walks, which is better than nothing but it's obviously not quite enough. So, still have plenty of time left. I might not be able to lose the amount I want but if I can lose some, that'll still be good for me.

I think that I haven't stressed out as much over little things, which is good but it's not quite left me yet. As mentioned above, I've been going out on walks and on a few occasions, I've done that when I'm a bit overwhelmed with something and just need some time to chill, which has helped. I just need to keep finding ways for me to stay calm in situations but luckily, it's definitely not been as bad as it has been before.

I feel I've definitely done this. Even in January, I put out 5 blog posts, which is almost half of what I did in the whole of 2016. As months have gone on, I've not posted as many as that but I have posted every month, my least being 3 in a month, it's significantly better than before. I want to keep going with this and seek opportunities to attend some blogging events, so that I can meet some other people.

It seems as though that my resolutions are going pretty well so far, especially the driving one, which was the one I wanted to achieve the most. I think I'm on a good path to completing all of them and look forward to what I have to write come December.

How are you resolutions going 6 months on? Any you've already complete?

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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  1. Oh no! New year's resolutions...Yes, I'm one of those people who probably already given up after having written them down. But luckily, I did fulfil ONE resolution (getting my degree. Too important to give up). ;)

    Well done you for starting your driving lessons! And I totally get you on the blogging front. I think I'll be going to make a schedule or something to keep my game up... *fingers crossed*