Review: Primark | PS...Pro Expert Face Blending Brush

Friday, 29 September 2017

As you've probably seen on my blog, I've got myself a few 'not so ordinary' brushes, like the tear drop and oval ones. As per, when I was in Primark, I had a wonder to the makeup section, just to have a little browse and see if there was anything new. Of course, I stumbled across this brush and instantly wanted to try it out and have another one feature on the blog. Upon first glance, I have no idea what you'd call this shape, maybe the curvy brush? I guess that's most fitting but I was a little sceptical that this is going to work with foundation, mainly because of it's shape but, I was willing to test it out and see what magic it can actually do.

So, it comes in a pretty standard box, similar packaging to the oval brushes I reviewed a few months ago. On the back, it just lists the product name in different languages, the warning message (to keep out of reach of children) in different languages also and a list of their addresses. Pretty standard stuff. You've got a nice clear view of the brush in the packaging so you shouldn't have any surprises when you open it up and it's not what you thought or it's broken.

Moving onto the brush itself. Once you get it out of the packaging, and have a feel of the brush, the handle is plastic but seeing as it was £4 from Primark, I kind of expected it, not considering it a bad thing at all. The bristles are synthetic, meaning that they do feel, again, like plastic and almost greasy feeling but again, it's not a bad thing, it's just the cheaper brush bristles that some companies will use. I will say however, the bristles look good though, nice gradient on them and when I pull my fingers through them, they didn't have any sort of resistance, which is good. Now, for the big test, how it applies my makeup.

So, below is a picture of my face before applying foundation. I only have primer on at this point, not even concealer and just filled in my brows. Also, none of the images have been edited.


I wanted to show results from when I put my foundation on and then when I added my concealer so I took some photos to see the results.

Just foundation

Foundation and concealer

So, how did it perform? I noticed that with my foundation, it left it quite streaky from the bristles. I also found that I had to add another pump of foundation onto my hand to finish it off, when normally 1/2 pumps is enough. But once I started to buff it out a bit more, it looked better. So really, it just required a bit more effort than my usual brushes. For concealer, I put it under my eyes and to cover some blemishes. It doesn't look like there is much difference between having foundation only against foundation and concealer. It helped cover up some of the blemishes on my forehead and covered up the one just above my nose, but not completely covered it. I will say, because of the shape of the brush, it made applying everything work quite well.

After doing that test, it's not a bad brush. It didn't break or bristles came off when applying my makeup. It's just,you have to put a bit more force into it to make it look okay on your skin, so you are kind of expecting that sort of result for £4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go and bin it because of it. It does have a unique shape, which may work well with other things like blush and contour, which I may try as another test. Would you want to see that?

Do you own this brush? What has been your experience with it? Let me know!
Look after yourself,

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  1. I find that, with my makeup, I always end up with streaks whenever I use brushes - I'm definitely a sponge convert! I think that for four pound though, you can't complain too much!

    Andi |

  2. I've never seen a brush of this shape used for foundation, I think it's a good concept though, the bristles can reach in those harder to get places, I miht give this one a try!.
    Charlie |