Review: EOS Lip Balm | Strawberry Sorbet

Thursday, 8 January 2015

When I first saw this on the shelf, I was so intrigued by it's appearance. I had never heard of the company EOS before and so, I picked one up to try out. I've had my lip balm for a few weeks now and I can honestly say that it's amazing.

As I was so in awe of it, I bought some for my friends for Christmas and they too were just as intrigued as I was. Once I told them about it, they couldn't wait to start using it.

The 'Egg-looking thing' as my dad likes to call it, is something I would buy again. It has a lovely scent and sweet flavour and keeps my lips super smooth. My lips actually started to get a bit cracked earlier in the week from the cold weather and it's managed to heal them so quickly. They will make a nice addition to your make-up bag or your desk.

Although they are a rare find in the UK and are a bit pricey (at £7 from Topshop), I would recommend in you getting one if you find one. I even went back to stock up and get a different flavour, but they weren't there! :( I'm go gutted, but I will have another look soon.

Have you tried the other flavours? What's your favourite? Know of anywhere to get them? Comment down below.

Look after yourself,

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