February Favourites 2015

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I cannot believe that February has already ended. It went by far too quickly for my liking but what that means is, is that I can share with you my favourite products that I used during the course of the month. Let's get started.

Benefit Cosmetics | Roller Lash Mascara

Earlier in the month, I heard that Benefit were going to be bringing out a new mascara called Roller Lash (I love what they call their products). I was thinking about buying it as I've heard good things on their other mascaras but, the best thing happened! After browsing on my social media, I saw that there was a free sample of the Roller Lash mascara with Elle Magazine and from that moment on, I decided I would have to wonder to a shop to pick a copy up.

As soon as I got home, I opened all the packaging and there in my hand, was the cutest little mascara ever. I proceeded to cover my eyelashes and I was quickly impressed with the results, with the thought to myself that this is going to be something I'm going to pick up once I've finished the sample. I already have fairly long lashes anyway, but Roller Lash just helps add curl and volume and makes my eyes stand out.

I even recommended this to one of my friends and even she said it's a lovely product to use and would recommend it to any of her friends.

Lush Cosmetics | Prince Charming Shower Gel

As February is the proud owner of Valentine's Day, Lush released all their Valentine's Day products, which included the Prince Charming shower gel. After smelling it in the shop, I was in heaven, so in the basket it went, at a very fast pace. I only got the smallest size because it only seems to be me who uses them and they do go a long way. However, I actually found out that my boyfriend was sneakily using it when he'd shower. I thought I was going mad, thinking I was using more than I thought when in actual fact, he wanted to smell like marshmallows and pomegranate juice. But he also said that it doesn't irritate his skin, which is a plus! Might have to get him some of his own Lush products.

To be fair to him, the ingredients of this shower gel work together so well, and makes the bathroom smell amazing. Seeing as it was a favourite for not only me, but my boyfriend, I took the plunge and got a bigger bottle. I worried as it was after Valentine's Day when I wanted to get one, thinking they wouldn't have any left but I was in luck. Hopefully we can make it last a while, but I will definitely pick this up next year if they bring it out again.

The Body Shop | Moringa Eau De Toilette

I got this little gem as part of a gift set that I got for Christmas and although I didn't really use it to start with, I've taken a real shine to it this month. I've found that you don't have to spray too much on yourself to make it noticeable as it's quite strong and because of it's diddy size, it can easily be put into a small bag so you can take it with you on a night out, or even a meal out with friends. This is the first Body Shop fragrance that I own and would be keen to take a trip to Body Shop to check out what else they have.

Soap & Glory | Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel

Now, this is something else! I seem to be a bit late on the band wagon with this, but better late than never. My friend recommended this to me a while back, but didn't buy it until recently and I'm super glad I did. As you can see, I've used pretty much all of the bottle so I wish they could make a bigger version, or even make it into a hand wash! YES! I'm onto something. It smells so fruity and fresh and keeps my hands feeling clean. I have this sat on my desk at work but it can easily pop in your bag, but I'd be cautious incase it leaks and you don't want the contents being all sticky, although, it would smell nice though! Overall, I would recommend this to anyone and would happily purchase it again.

Twinings | Cherry Bakewell Green Tea

I've been a lover of green tea for a while now and I'm not afraid at trying new flavours. During the month, I saw that Twinings bought out a new flavour called Cherry Bakewell and OH MY GOSH, this tea is AMAZING! My love for cherry bakewells has just gone up to a new level. It tastes like it smells and I enjoy drinking this at home and work, as it keeps me away from carbonated, sweet drinks. I've only had one favourite prior to this, but this will be joining the leader of the pack.

And there you have it! Those were my February favourites. What have you been loving? Was there anything that we both liked? What's been your experiences on my picks? 

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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