Primark Haul | March 2015

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I gotta say, I'm a Primark fan. I know many people dislike it for many different reasons, but I love it! I haven't had a big Primark spend for a while and during March, I found myself going there on tw0 different occasions. I'd buy pieces on my first trip but then would think about something I didn't buy, so then I'd go back to purchase it but pick up additional items and do the same thing again. Any excuse for me to go back is what it seems like. In light of this, I thought I'd share with you on what I purchased from Primark during the month of March.

The first thing I picked up was this simple red top, with a scallop hem and flower detailing. I feel that I could easily wear this in both smart and casual attire so thought, why not, it's pretty. I got this for £5.

After I picked up the top, I turned my head to the left and I was caught by this really pretty kimono waistcoat. I don't have anything like this and with Summer coming up, I thought this would be a nice addition to any outfit. It's white with some tassels at the bottom, which can cause issues if I wear this near my cats. This was £12, which I thought was reasonable.

The next thing I placed in the bag was this cute pastel lilac jumper. I don't own anything in this colour and seeing as Spring is here, I thought it would add a pop of colour to my wardrobe. Jumpers being jumpers, it can easily fray, so stay away from anything pointy. This was priced at £8, which isn't too bad in my opinion.

Next up is this really cute heart necklace. The thing I like about this is, is that it's not a pendant, so you don't go losing it around your neck. It's in a fixed place, where it should be. I picked it up because it had a heart on it and it was only £1.50, which is a bargain.

Another necklace here. This is a double curved necklace. I don't really know how to describe it but you can see in the picture what it looks like. I don't have any like this. I normally go for small necklaces so this is different for me but thought it looked nice. I bagged this one for £2.50.

Right behind me were a wall of sunglasses to which I picked up this black pair. I don't have any in this type. I normally have the Wayfarer style ones but wanted something different to wear this summer and thankfully, they don't fit horribly on my face. These were priced at £2, which I couldn't turn down.

As I proceed to walk around the store, I came across the cheapy vest section. Seeing as I wear them a lot under my clothes and as pyjama tops, I got myself two in quite opposite colours, pale blue and burgundy. As they were both £2.50 each, I couldn't say no.

When I ended my first trip, I couldn't stop thinking about these biscuit pyjama bottoms. When I initially saw them, I wasn't 100% sure about getting them but after a day or two, I had to go back and get them. I mean, come on. They are biscuit printed pyjama bottoms. Why wouldn't you want them? They are comfy and lightweight so I don't find myself getting hot or anything in them, now that the weather is getting slightly nicer. I got these bad boys for £5. Best £5 ever spent.

In the store I shop in, the nightwear is close to the homeware, so I wanted to have a little snoop around, see if there was anything I could buy.

Yep, I did it. I bought the Flamingo bedding. What I like about Primark's bedding is they have fun designs and have it on both sides. Incase I felt that the pink was a bit too much, I can turn it over for the opposing colours (and vice versa). For £9, I couldn't say no to a Flamingo (see what I did there?)... Moving on.

Because I bought the bedding, my brain decided that it would make sense I get the flamingo cushion to go with it. Although it's a different shade of pink, it still goes nicely with the bedding. I would imagine this is used more as a decorative piece but I slept on it once, and it's actually rather comfortable. Glad I got this and it's only £4, which is super-duper.

As I was heading back to the women's section, I stumbled across these cute lace trimmed socks. I originally thought they were dots, but they are actually bits of cotton on the socks so they did feel a bit weird when I first started walking around in them but they've all been squished on the bottom now, so it's all good. These were only £1.50 so, in they went.

Next item is this grey roll neck poncho. I'm liking ponchos at the moment, as I got one for my birthday, so I thought I'd add another. The only downside to this is that it has separate armholes, so I can't put them under the material, like you would with a blanket. But apart from that, it's snuggly, soft and was only £5. I believe this was in the sale and can't remember original price, sorry.

When I went to the jewellery section, I grabbed this pack of 6 bracelets. They all have some sort of pendant on them (heart shaped mainly, which made me want to get them), but the top 4 have the letters L O V E on them, respectively, which was cute. Although they are priced at £2 as per the sticker, I noticed on the receipt they are down as £1. Not sure if that's a pricing error or it's genuine, but they are cute.

And just above those, I picked up this 3 pack of bracelets, each with a different design. I like the middle one the most, as it has two swallows at each end but I like the concept of them not being 'complete'. Just makes them look cool on your wrist. At £2, I popped them in my basket.

Something else that caught my eye was this pretty greeny-turquoisy blouse, with a white flower pattern. Like the red one, I could easily wear this as part of a smart of casual outfit and it's not a colour I posses much of and at £4 again, I didn't turn this down.

Before I headed to the checkout, I wanted to see if they had these specific jogging bottoms, as I don't really have any that I can just wear around the house. Luckily, they did have what I was looking for and didn't hesitate and grabbing some. Like the pyjama bottoms, they are lightweight material and super comfy to wear. These were only £4.90, although I'm sure they were priced differently on the label.

And there you have it. Those were purchases from Primark during March. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

If you bought anything from Primark, what were your favourite pieces? Did we buy any of the same things? Post your answers in the comments below.

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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