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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A while ago I bought myself some more ColourPop, because I simply loved it the first time round. This time however, I got eyeshadows as well as lipsticks, because I had seen other people's reviews/posts on them and the shades looked stunning. So I wanted to share what I bought, just incase you were curious on some of the lipsticks or shadows and their colours.

(L-R: November, Viper, Wolfie, 3-Way)

Although I've done a review on the Matte lipsticks previously, I have now got some which are different formulas. Alongside the 1 Matte finish, I got 1 Satin, 1 Glossy and 1 Metallic. I wanted to mix things up a little bit and see if some of the different formulas worked better than the Matte lipsticks.

(T-B: 3-Way, Wolfie, Viper, November)

When I swatched all four colours, I really loved how they all came out, and I'm so happy with all of my choices. 
  • 3-Way is a lovely plum colour and being the Metallic finish, it has a bit of added shimmer.
  • Wolfie is the Glossy finish in a rosy/berry pink. I've not owned a lipgloss for many years but this colour looked divine.
  • Viper does appear slightly darker when swatched than in the bottle but you get used to that with darker, Matte shades. Being described as a 'true dusty rose', this is such a beautiful colour. I actually wore this shade when I went to a Christmas Party and despite drinking and eating throughout the night, the majority of it stayed, with only a small amount coming off near the centre of my lips.
  • Last but not least, there is November, the Satin finish. The finish is similar to Matte but it's slightly more shimmery/creamy. This peachy/pink shade will be great for the upcoming Spring months.
Although these are all different finishes, they applied so nicely, with all colours being very pigmented. It was quite a chore to get Viper and November off, but it shows that it's long lasting. 3-Way and Wolfie were easier to clean off so doesn't set as much as the other two but that's likely to be due to the formulas. Regardless of that, the colours are beaut. Definitely happy with each
and every one.

Now, moving onto the eyeshadows. This is my first batch of ColourPop eyeshadows so I was super excited to see how these came out. Picking the eyeshadows was a bit harder, as I had no idea how they would come out, but I went for a couple of similar shades as well as something nice and shimmery. Upon arrival, I spent so long just looking at each shadow, especially Dance Party (it's so glittery!). From looking at them all, I think I made some good choices but it was time to do the swatches.

(T-B: Supermodel, Brady, Shop, Paradox, Drift, Dance Party)

Although all the shadows have different finishes (Ultra Glitter, Satin, Matte, Pearlized etc.), they are all of a creamy consistency and applied really nicely when I was doing my swatches, although I couldn't tell the differences between the finishes, apart from the Glittery one obviously.
  • Supermodel is a gold/sandy colour, in the Pearlized finish. This would be a good colour to use on the base of your lid to help brighten the colour you're adding on top.
  • Brady, a Matte finish, is brown/rose colour, perfect to create a nice subtle makeup look. It comes out lighter than how it appears in the pot but it's still a nice colour regardless.
  • Shop, another Matte finish is this beaut coral colour. When I bought it, this was a shade that I was unsure of in terms of it suiting me, but if you use this as part of a colourful smokey eye, this is a good transition colour.
  • Paradox, which is a pretty burgundy red in a Satin finish, is one of my favourites that I chose. It's quite dark and daring but it makes the eye look quite dramatic.
  • Drift, another in the Pearlized finish, is a gorgeous cranberry colour, with a slight tone of brown in. Another colour that would be great to use in a smokey eye, or even on it's own.
  • Dance Party is another favourite of mine out of the eyeshadows I bought. It's a deep purple with specs of blue and violet glitter. Such a good 'going out' shade. Love it!
I must say, these shades didn't disappoint at all! Each shadow was well pigmented, bright and easy to apply. I can't wait to play around with these shades and create lots of different looks with them. Once again, ColourPop has made me a very happy gal! I'm so glad that I've been introduced to this brand and will buy from them in the near future.

Do you own anything from ColourPop? Anything you recommend?

Look after yourself,

This blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own and honest!

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  1. I don't yet own anything from colourpop but plan on owning somethings soon. I like the look of your lipsticks but also the eye shadows, maybe I'll just have to get a few of each

    Tasha x