Swatches + Review: Barry M | Matte Me Up Lip Kit

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A few weeks ago, Barry M released a lip kit, something that many companies have been doing as it's a product that has grown in popularity recently. I was a massive fan of Barry M when I was younger, and even now, I have an extensive collection of their nail varnishes. When I was in Superdrug one day, I happened to see that they released a lip kit. I've been on the hunt for a drugstore lip kit for a while, as I don't think I can justify buying a Kylie one due to price and customs fees, so I was very happy to see one available. I've been trying to get the Makeup Revolution lip kits for a while, but they've constantly been out of stock everytime I went into a Superdrug.

I saw that Barry M had three colours to choose from: Pose, which is light pink, Go To which is a nude and Runway, which is a berry colour. I was instantly drawn to Runway and after doing the swatch, I knew it was the one for me. This kit, which includes a 'lip paint' and matching liner, was priced at £6.99, which is an absolute bargain. The packaging is reletively simple. The box is the same colour as the lip paint and liner, and has the usual information on the back. But, let's get to the important bit, how it applies.

I didn't own any lip pencils prior to this Barry M purchase, they're just not something I would use; however, as I've read more and more posts of people talking about the pros of lip liners, I became increasingly interested each time. I kept seeing lip kits whenever I would go shopping, and I thought they would be the perfect product to get me into lip liners. When I applied this the first time, it glided and applied so nicely. I would have assumed it would be a bit chalky or would drag but this wasn't the case.

Moving onto the lipstick. At first, the lip paint colour appears to be a little lighter when you first apply it however, once it's completely dry, it becomes darker, more like the lip liner colour. It applied with such ease and the product is quite thin, which is actually a good thing. It drys quickly, still has a good amount of colour and feels light and comfortable once it's dry on the lips. No heavy, cracked feelings over here! Obviously, with most liquid lipsticks, they aren't going to last you forever and you find yourself having to top it up once in a while during your day (or night) and this is no exception. Although it did stick around for a little while, once I had a tea, it did start to wear off a bit, mainly in the centre and corners of my lips, so I wasn't surprised to see that happen.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this product and I'm so glad that I found it. It's such a good dupe to higher priced lip kits, such as Kylie Cosmetics, for a much cheaper price. Although I probably won't go out an buy the other two lip kits, because I don't think the colours will suit me, Barry M do have singles of other colours, so I'm probably going to have a snoop at those some point in the future. Well done Barry M, you've succeeded in producing a good liquid lipstick.

Do you own this lip kit? What are your thoughts on it? Do you own any other ones?

Look after yourself,

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